The List

Y*O*Y Inspiration List:
This list is subject to change whenever a good idea strikes or an event pops up!

Daybreak Run
Make Vegan Macaroons
Run a Marathon…without training for it (ha ha ha!)
Hike from sun up to sun down
Follow and finish a knitting pattern
Throw a boozy tea party (saw that on pinterest, looks like fun)
Take a cooking class
Climb a mountain
Spend a night in Paris
Attend an Octoberfest
Go to every museum in Portland
Try stand up improv
Spend a day at an animal sanctuary
do a martini tasting
ride in a helicopter
take a meditation class
run a relay race
do an obstacle course race
try stand up paddle boarding
spend the day in a pool bar
paint a mural
spend all day in my pyjamas watching movies and order food in
get a bikini wax
do yoga on a mountain top
Spend the entire day in bed with the hubs, you know what I’m talking about..
Submit a short story to a writing contest
Go to an opera