U2 said it best – It’s a Beautiful Day

I don’t have time to write fully now but, I’m so happy today.  Things are going well! I’ve implemented some stuff but I know I need to not just ride on the initial good feeling of setting something new into motion.  I need to have things in place for when the shit hits the fan.  I will, later today, set out a list of positive affirmations for me (right now I’m just thinking nice things because I’m feeling good at the moment), I will download some kind of guided meditation (I need a guide for sure) and I will look at a running plan.  I miss running and I need to get back to it.

Later – I’m off to a massage and then coffee with a friend 🙂 It’s self care sunday for me! I also have a sushi date with my husband later.  as I was writing this I got a catch in my brain, I thought “holy crap I don’t deserve a self care day, I’m not training for a marathon and taking care of 3 children, or even doing aerial work full time anymore. You lazy….” and then I stopped myself.  I am a self, therefore I deserve care.  Whatever I do I deserve love, relationships and to not be in pain.  Right now I’m in a lot of pain from various things -my aerial gig (the 6 hour one), previous injury, a few torn things that I didn’t take the time to heal in my misspent youth-which is why I booked the massage.  My husband has been out of town a lot and we’ve been eating at home to save money so I scheduled a sushi date because I want us to go out and spend time in things other than our sweat pants and to connecting somewhere other than the couch, with our feet as we respectively do stuff on line and watch West Wing at the same time.  I’m having coffee with a friend because…I want to have friends here.  I’m new, I just moved here, much to my surprise people are really nice and I’ve been super busy. So I knew I’d have time today – coffee time. I am a self, I deserve care.  Perhaps that’s the first affirmation I need to write down. IMG_7744

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