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So I said a nice farewell to food last night.  And the goodbye party was glorious! I hadn’t originally intended this.  Id worked all day, I’ve doing a ketogenic diet just for the last week trying to get some relief from digestive problems.  After 6 aerial sets (if you don’t know what aerial sets are, just know, they generally work up an appetite) I was lucky that my sister came over.  She had just done 2 shows and she not only watched my last set she stuck around for a drink and a chat.  It was one of the nicest evenings ever! Champagne, perfect girly conversation and then we decided we were hungry so there’s a restaurant in the Casino that my sister recommended.  Oh my gosh! bacon cheeseburger, no bun, with guacamole…. it was food, bubbly and great conversation.  I had been talking to my husband about starting the Master Cleanse while he was home.  I usually hide my nutritional endeavours from him knowing it can be frustrating as I trial and error my way through health and the endless pursuit of washboard abs.  But in the last year I’ve taken a lot of hits.  I tore my shoulder, my IBS stepped up its rampage, I got GI, Pnuemonia, Shingles, 4 bouts of tonsillitis that they couldn’t kill with any antibiotics…then I got an ulcer.  Now everything I eat seems to hurt my stomach, I’ve gained weight, and I keep getting unexplained rashes. Two days ago I sheepishly dropped off stool samples to test for 3 different parasites.  Guys, I want to be healthy.  I have so much going for me right now! I love my life, but I’m exhausted all the time.  I’m bloated, I have crippling abdominal pain, I go long periods of time without eating because I don’t want to feel like shit and then I’m so hungry I eat waaaay too much. I don’t know whats wrong.  So I’d read so much about the Master Cleanse and I’d started it a few times but by day 2 I’m always hungry, cranky and I lose my conviction.  So I talked to my husband about why I thought going on the MC would be a good idea.  People who go on an extended (30-40) day expel rope worms, liver flukes, excess mucus in their body.  They reset their digestive system because they’ve cleaned out old crap (literally) in their colon and bowels.  And they lose weight and the toxins stored in the fat they lose. He surprisingly was on board.  So I know he’s home longer than usual so I asked if he’d help me.  I need help.  by day 2 my old anorexic brain gets freaked out and I”m afraid of two things – being fat (from consuming too much sugar in the lemonade) and being hungry ( I HATE being hungry).  I’ve been told that getting past day 5 you feel some freedom from the hunger and I want that.  And I want the rashes to stop and the worms to come out.  He said he’d be there for me, that he’d help me stay on the MC.  So I’m starting today with the Ease In, which I’ve never actually done.  It’s just fresh juices all.  For 2 days you ease in with a juice fast then start the MC.  I always want to go straight to the MC but honestly I didn’t have lemons on hand yet.  I was going to start this on Monday but after my great night last night I thought, that was a great last night of eating for a while.  Go out on a high note, a night with my sister and happiness! and don’t put off until monday what I can do today.  That being said I was afraid to do the salt water flush this morning since I didn’t take the laxative tea last night and I had a burger.  So ease in it is! Two days of juice plus the laxative tea to loosen my bowels (and water with lemon) and get me started.  I’m going to write about here to keep me going.  I anticipate tomorrow that I’ll wanna lose it so stay tuned!

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