Today is just a small post of gratitude. I’ve been doing heaps of new things every day. The list of things I’m experiencing since arriving in Portland is longer the the list of things I could think up to do.
So I just want to express gratitude for my world, my life, the universe that has stretched and flowed to support me. It is with great pleasure that I look at my to do list today:

1. Go for long run
2. Clean and prep fresh vegetables Melanie picks up from the CSA – yes that is a local husband and wife farm that Melanie and Austin, my host family here, pay a yearly fee and get all fresh, local, in season, organic vegetables weekly. They are kind enough to share with me because there is so much abundance they can’t eat all the bounty before the next harvest arrives. To,thank them I try to prepare some of it to make it easily eatable on busy days. It’s amazing to think we don’t get vegetables at the store but instead we learn to eat and make what is harvested. And it’s stretching me I’ve been a frozen vegetable stirfry kind of gal since college. And bagged salad.
3. Learn dance routines that were sent to me (more on this later, but I’m going to be in a performance in January and I’ve been given choreography to learn!)
4. Drive, in my new car, into the city for a dance class
5. Wait for Dan to call.
6. Check Backstage West Postings

My to do list is a dream. Really it’s what my dream days consist of. I’ve only been in Portland three weeks as of today and I’m living a life that feeds my dreams and aspirations. I am so very grateful.

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