We are doing this

short but sweet today ♥️

Though I am pumped full of antibiotics and painkillers I had an awesome day! I learned more about how to walk my best friends dogs, I got coffee (hello hemp milk lattes, I love Portland!). Then I learned how to catch the Max into the city, was given a tour by Melanie, had dinner and champagne downtown on a Friday night. Woo hoo! But the topper on the yolo cake- we tracked down and watched Halloweentown, a 1998 Disney film with Debbie Reynolds shot in Oregons very own St. Helens. Why did we watch it? To prepare to go visit Halloweentown in St. Helens of course! That’s right the town turns out during the month of October and it’s a mere 45 minutes from where we are. Oh yes, I will post pictures…

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