Let’s Do This!

And so we start! And what better day to start my year of adventure then in the day I fly to our new city, the place we plan to make our new home! I am right now on the last leg of this epic travel day and while I didn’t end up setting a challenge, the challenge was getting on the plane in one piece.

The day before leaving I went back to the doctor since my strep throat hadn’t cleared up. She suggested I might have Mono/ Epstein Barr Virus and I needed heavier antibiotics for the strep and rest/fluids for the possible mono. Still not deterred my in laws took me out to dinner to say goodbye. Having full mouth pain from strep and sores that have invaded my whole mouth from prolonged antibiotic use, I’d had trouble eating anything for a while and decided to stick with soup. Tom yum soup which was delicious. And then I ended up in excruciating abdomen pain and wound up in,the ER. the doctor originally thought severe food poisoning or an allergic reaction. After a shot of epi, pain killers and two cups of pills that I didn’t ask questions about, the pain began to subside. The doctor thinks it was a severe acid reflux reaction caused from changing to a harsh antibiotic, eating spicy food and gastroenteritis. I know, I’m a barrel of fun these days. And not a cheap date. I watched my husband turn pale when we paid for an uninsured ER visit. However my in laws are a testament to love and patience. Both had to work the next day and yet stayed by my side until 1 am at the hospital just to rise again at 5am to take me to the airport and send me off with love and warmth. No one even mentioned the fact that though I panicked the doc sent me off with what I later realized was prescription antacids. Talk about humility.
And yet somehow amidst my total immune system shutdown, my husband and his parents got me, my meds and four checked bags safely on our way to Portland to start our life. It truly took a village. And now on this last part of the trip over I’m filled with excitement and ambition, and no small amount of antibiotics.


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