Revelations, Tonsillations and The Y*O*Y!

So, yes, I have been feeling low of late. After my two days of blue posts, I decided to turn it around and I did feel better. I’ve always been the kind to let myself have the down days, I don’t fight them because I know the good days come back around. So after a few days, when I started to feel like the sun shone from within again I started running and it was great! But I was oddly tired. I pushed through but on day three I took a nap in the middle of the day and instead of running I went for a 2 hour power walk that night.  I didn’t think too much of it until I spiked a super high fever that night.  I woke up the next day with tonsillitis so bad I couldn’t determine where my uvula was. Knowing how this usually ends I delayed not and went straight to the doctor to get my prescription for Keflex.  But here I sit three days later and my tonsils are even bigger, even slimier and I have zero energy.  Like, sitting up to take a drink of water makes my heart race.  and I have to wonder if the drain on my immune system (this is the second time I’ve had this in a month) had been affecting my emotions. Ive had a particularly gruelling year as far as my health is concerned.  I’m a girl accustomed to pushing through viruses and injuries – I’ve danced on a broken ankle and with torn ligaments, and I’ve worked through UTI’s, bronchitis and anything else thrown my way.  But this last year I tore my shoulder and eventually couldn’t sleep through the night.  I had to stop doing aerial work for a while and I got a cortisone shot. I’ve pushed through but then my immune system seems so weak that kindergartners are starting to seem like assassins (so many germs!) So I’m resting.

BUT what I figured out on my long hike was that I hate wasting a single moment of a single day.  Each day is unique and the only one you’ll live.  I love my life, even though I have blue spells.  Well, I’m embarking on another big adventure anyway- after 6 years of living abroad, bouncing around and performing anywhere and everywhere, I’ve decided to make a play to live in one place – Portland!  I know two people in the city I’m moving and I’ll be joined shortly by my husband who only knows those two people as well!!! We are going to have a blast finding work and friends and our way around.  So, in light of this new adventure and my desire to embrace the adventures of life instead of sitting around watching other people do great stuff I’m going to do a YEAR OF YES.  I get to and will say yes to every opportunity to do stuff that in the past I would have declined due to – needing to sleep, not sure I wanted to be around a lot of people, not sure I was really in the mood, not wanting to spend too much time away from home and a multitude of other things that seemed valid at the time. I want to do and experience everything, I want to enjoy my life.  I want to experience joy and pride, often.  That’s not to say I haven’t done a lot of things – I have! But if they are not work related I usually turn them down. I don’t party, I don’t go out, I don’t do things that don’t affect my career usually (luckily my career regularly supplies exciting and unique experiences).  I tend to train, save money, save energy for work and I want to stay slim so I say no to a lot of things like wine tastings and splitting a scone and a latte.  But I want to expand my life, I want to laugh more. I don’t want to look back and see lists of diets I went on and things I did to burn calories. I want to say yes to fun and happiness and experiences.  So, the thing is, every day I have to do something noteworthy.  If I’m invited to do something or go somewhere – I’m saying yes!! If not, I have a list that i can draw from (below) and or google can help me out.  Every day needs to have something exciting in it.  I’m not saying I have to climb an everest every day, but some things should be epic adventures, other things can be fun like – going to the random Tulip show downtown that happens to be on today and why not if its there??

To get me started and the juices a-flowing, I started writing a list of things I want to do or can do or would be nice to say I’ve done.  This is not a list I have to tick off, it’s just to help.  I welcome all advice and additions.  as you can see some are epic and others are ordinary – things I’ve just never tried or I did once but should try again.  I had been all prepared to do number on three days ago to start off a Year of Yes for myself but I was struck down by angry tonsils.  I tried to make the last few sick days exciting but all I can really say I did was knit part of a scarf and spend a lot of time watching How I Met Your Mother.  I did go to a wedding and covered up the fact that I was sick by drinking 5 glasses of champagne on an empty stomach, dancing the night away and then collapsing in bed with a few aspirin and a high fever.  Not my shining moment, but i still had fun.

Y*O*Y Inspiration List:

  1. Daybreak Run
  2. Make Vegan Macaroons
  3. Run a Marathon…without training for it (ha ha ha!)
  4. Hike from sun up to sun down
  5. Follow and finish a knitting pattern
  6. Throw a boozy tea party (saw that on pinterest, looks like fun)
  7. Take a cooking class
  8. Climb a mountain
  9. Spend a night in Paris
  10. Attend an Octoberfest
  11. Go to every museum in Portland
  12. Try stand up improv
  13. Spend a day at an animal sanctuary
  14. do a martini tasting
  15. ride in a helicopter
  16. take a meditation class
  17. run a relay race
  18. do an obstacle course race
  19. try stand up paddle boarding
  20. spend the day in a pool bar
  21. paint a mural
  22. spend all day in my pyjamas watching movies and order food in
  23. get a bikini wax
  24. do yoga on a mountain top..

I’m sure theres heaps more if I think about it. I’ll make a separate page just for the list.  The idea is to keep me thinking about what life has to offer for me, to be creative with my time and energies and to be open to joy.  Being open to joy is a big thing.  I think a lot of people, myself included forget that you have to actively be open to things to be able to experience them.  So, I am sick but don’t think I’m not looking for a way to make today unique, I am.  But my official Year of Yes will start on October 21.  Good luck to me as that is the day I leave for Portland from Australia so what should I do to make two days of travel unique and experience something new…. any suggestions? I’ve got some time on my hands to google ideas….

IMG_6303We have had a fair few adventures this year anyway 🙂

My first time in Sydney






We had fun hiking in the Grampians!











We went to Florence!









and other delights such as:

climbing Mt. Vesuvius (it was snowing brrrrr)

getting matching tattoos in Mykonos

speedwalking through Krka National Park in Croatia (we had to catch a bus really quickly)

and much more 🙂

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