So I’m finally finding my mojo afters big transition time. We had a great contract on the Spirit in 2014. It was my first time in Europe, we were performing three new show, Dan and I planned our wedding and I leaned into a major nutritional change for a whole year (I’m one who changes around a lot and gets frustrated with my lack of results and pissed off digestion. Go figure). It was a great experience. And in August I made a ten day journey to say my final goodbyes to my Grandmother, a woman very important to my life. It was a huge gift to get to see her and spend time with her and touching her before she died. I’ve felt different ever since.

Then we moved straight into the holidays in Australia, our long awaited wedding and sight seeing and celebrating as my family came down under for the first time. What a beautiful time and then we hit the ground running by starting our next contract with rehearsals in America, straight away.

Now we are back in the Mediterranean, and after a particularly intense few weeks, we’ve moved into our cabin, our shows are set and I started my fitness routine. During the height of being stressed, I messed with my diet in a big way (again. Guess I hadn’t completely learned my lesson yet). I went ketogenic again (very low carbohydrates, high fat). I tend to react to stress by “feeling” bad about my body and drastically changing my diet to lose weight. Well I did lose weight and oddly enough I had energy and no digestive problems and even my husband was happier (because I was eating animal products). But alas after two weeks, when the stress of install was over I changed back to my vegan high carb, lower fat lifestyle that I’d been thriving on before. Why if I was having such good results? As I had found before when I went keto, I cannot sustain it for long as I don’t like eating meat, cheese or eggs. I look for ways around it, I consume whole dark chocolate bars for meals (I’m not really complaining that falls under the category of “perk”) and try to last as long as possible on coffee with cream and coconut oil in it. Basically I just wanted to stop eating. For some this won’t make any sense. Why quit something that’s working for you. I just don’t want to eat meat. That’s it. Dan’s not thrilled. I gave him a two week tease where he pictured us grilling lamb chops together and sharing omelettes. Lol. Poor guy. No one can ever say I’m not open minded enough to try things. But I think I’ve proved to myself enough that I just can’t be anything but vegan. I played with being vegan and ketogenic… Oy. Maybe one day as I seemed to do well on high fat low carbs. But momma mia- on a ship it would mean eating coconut oil, low carb protein powder, green veg, dark chocolate and heaps of coffee (but black or with…coconut oil). Possibly worth a shot but, no. I was craving an orange so I went back to fruit and veg, salads, et. Al. high carb, low fat. And I did gain back a few pounds which stressed me out a bit.

And then, a wisdom tooth catastrophe hit and some antibiotics and bam, I’m in stomach and digestive hell. Nothing and I do mean nothing, I eat is digesting. I could have reconstructed a whole apple I had eaten earlier, from the toilet bowl tonight. Gross. And I feel, all over the place. I’m not sleeping more than a few hours a night and then I’m utterly exhausted and napping during the day.

So I’ve decided to make everything really simple and put a time limit on it. I’m not going to stress I’m not going to change I’m not allowed to panic that I’m fat and search for diets. I have a few simple parameters and I have to follow them without question. For 100 days. Then I can assess. That’s just over three months and allows my body to get in a habit and hopefully heal and relax. So for the next 100 days I’m doing the following:

I am eating very simply. Just:
1. Fruit- raw preferably, dried is ok
2. Vegetables- raw or steamed. If stir fried (remember I live on a boat and eat at a buffet) it can be used as a condiment instead of salad dressing – a scoop of the stir fried veg on top of my salad or steamed broccoli or whatever
3. Steamed rice. This seems to always be available at the buffet, yay!

Those three things are my go to. The idea is to keep it simple and easy to digest. Of course this allows for veggie sushi 🙂 and in the absence of steamed rice I can have plain simple starches- potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal (I’ll pick so e up to keep in my cabin) or even bread. I just want to give my stomach a rest so if nine times out of ten I’m eating some steamed veg with rice hopefully it can just calm down and heal. That’s my desire at least. And I want to not restrict my calories. By keeping it super simple I feel like I can just eat what I need and not panic about overeating since I’ll be eating basically the same thing at all meals. No hyperpalatability going on. Relax Crista, relax.

As for workouts I was going back and forth on what my physique should look like. I have Kayla Itsines program, Insanity, P90X and a million different things to chose from. But alas my body started to respond really well to the slower more body weight manipulating workouts, deep stretching and cardio I was doing last contract so I decided to expand on that aspect. I’m doing 100 days of contortionist type stretching plus cardio and ab work. Nothing else. I’ve been fighting bulky muscles for years so why should I build them back up again? I need to work with myself. And I really enjoy running.

So, for 100 days I’m doing:
1. Running or some kind of cardio 4 days a week
2. At least an hour of deep contortionist stretching 6 days a week
3. Ab work before each stretching session

It’s a much gentler schedule than I originally imagined but I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of progress I can achieve.

This is what I wrote in my log:
100 days the same:

Breakfast: fresh fruit

Lunch: fresh fruit + raw salad+ rice

Dinner: fresh fruit + raw salad + rice / sushi

Snacks: tea, coffee with soymilk, seeds, fruit, oatmeal

Exercise: running, elliptical, ab work, push ups, stretching

That’s it. Short and sweet (unlike this epic post)

Above and beyond that, I just want to put everything to rest and I think having this structure for now will allow me to think about other things. I don’t want to think about what to eat or if I had the wrong thing or too much. I don’t have to now. If I’m hungry or at a meal time I eat whatever is available of those three things and go on with my life. I don’t have to wonder if I’m not working out enough or if I’m getting bulky, I’ll just do my thing. If after 100 days I don’t like my results I’ll change then. But I have a feeling I will. I have a feeling my problem is indecision and doubt. I have a great contract ahead of me and I’m looking forward to a lot, so I want to focus on that. And I want to prove to myself and others what I feel to be true – restriction and dieting is NOT the holy grail. I want it all- a full life, a satisfied stomach, fun and passion and to be an active part of the world around me. I believe my doubts have held me back in the past.

So there’s the low down. I want to pick back up on my blogging. I can’t promise I’ll go back and recap, I’m more likely to just move along as if there was no break 😉 come along for the ride? We’re visiting the Greek Isles this time around….


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