Runners High

I Love the high I get from running! It only really happens at about the hour mark, but the elation and heightened sensory experience is what I imagine keeps the kids coming back to the clubs.  I’m a total running junky.  If I could start a gym with tons of treadmills, that opened at night with house music, lights and atmosphere I’d be in heaven.  I’ve never done drugs, but the way I feel after and during a long run is what people seem to experience on ecstasy – I want to touch everything, I want to rub myself on the carpet on the walls, I’m in love with everyone and everything, theres a rainbow aura surrounded inanimate objects and people….

Is it just me? Or is this what keeps everyone coming back despite sore hamstrings and shredded ligaments? And why do I always forget this feeling and not want to go running?

Now, to stretch out these legs…

Photo on 24-11-14 at 6.57 pm

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