Hair Wars

I hate my hair.

I really hate it right now.

I’m DYING to chop my hair into this adorable pixie










I went back and forth for a couple of days… should I chop? Most people think I’m hesitating because of the wedding.  I say, hell no! I want to cut my hair because I know I look good with a pixie cut!  But I’ve been waiting so long for my hair to grow and now that it’s shoulder length…I’ve only got another 6 months to a year before it starts looking good long.  ACK.

But I decided to keep it growing.  alas, I can find wedding styles I like at the length I’m at.

For now my challenge is to find ways to not hate how I look everyday.  I need to find styles and scarves and headbands that make me feel like my normal rockstar self – instead of the soccer mom feeling I’m having now.

All advice welcome

Hair shenanigans below…

IMG_0413 IMG_0437 IMG_0455 IMG_3999 IMG_4002

Photo on 18-11-14 at 6.49 pm #3 IMG_0360 IMG_0374 IMG_0383 IMG_1311 Photo on 18-11-14 at 10.57 pm Photo on 16-10-14 at 8.10 pm

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