We’re Back

well, I’m back in Australia so I guess it’s time to post again! I know it’s been forever and I have a million things I could tell you about our last contract but I don’t want this to be an epic post…we’ll see how it goes.

Our contract was great! After a pretty tough rehearsal period (I may or may not have cried in the bathroom, on the treadmill and once in Walmart) we ended up with a much easier actual contract. Whilst on the ship we were lucky enough to do 12 day cruises meaning we did the same amount of shows and work that we had been doing on the 7 day cruises on our last ship… but spread out over the 12 days. MUCH more physical recovery time, a lot of time to explore the awesome ports of call. Which means this girl from Ohio got to see Venice, Livorno, Pisa, Rome, Civitivecchia (not that there’s much there), Naples, Piraeus, Mykonos, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Toulon and a very quick bit of Barcelona. I enjoyed the 3 production shows we performed and our cast was pretty great. What more can you ask for? I often think of how lucky I am to get to do what I love (dance) for a living whilst traveling with my partner. Seeing Rome was awesome, but seeing Rome with Dan(Nuts), having these memories and experiences together was, is, priceless.

However, though we loved our contract and the big room we got to share during it, we were ready to finish up and see family. Its kind of a new development for me. My whole 20’s (and even my teenage years) were just like being shot out of a cannon – I only thought about blazing forward. I wanted to ACHIEVE, relationships be damned. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, i just happened to make all my decisions based on what opportunities I could glean. I left no room for family or even much of a social life. I didn’t keep up with people and I didn’t invest in them. and while I still want to achieve I’ve become increasingly more grateful for the people in my life who are constants. My best friend Melanie, still around after years of dealing with the best and the worst of me, is one of the most constant sources of love and friendship in my life. I can’t wait to see her (soon!). Of course Dan is my home and traveling as much as I do is mostly bearable (and enjoyable) because we’re together. But his family has become so important to me. They snuck up on me 🙂 During this contract I found myself missing them often. It’d be Dan and I having a cup of coffee in Turkey and I’d think ” I wish Dan’s parents were here, they’d love this cafe!” or whilst walking around in Italy and passing a small museum I’d think “If Dan’s parents were here his father would ADORE taking a side trip into that museum”. On days when Dan and I were feeling down (sometimes being in your cabin for hours at a time with no sunlight can get to you) Dan would play a little video clip of his niece blowing out her 2nd birthday candles over and over again and we’d giggle each and every time! These little things, they add up to a life we have, a family we have. I don’t know how to explain how surprising and how beautiful that is to me. It means a lot. Dan’s family has seen me with no make up, clothed in yoga pants, growing out my awkward hair cut and barely able to breathe as I recovered from a monster sinus infection. Oh and also after I got my wisdom teeth pulled. they’ve seen me gain and lose weight. they’ve seen me depressed for months on end as I waited and auditioned and waited some more for work. Gradually and then all at once, they became my constant. They’ve become very important to me.

So we were stoked to come back and see everyone and prepare for our wedding at the end of December. That has proved to be a full time job! But its a lot of fun too. we’ve been home just a week and we’re knocking down our to do list one thing at a time (or two at a time if we can manage). I seem to be online emailing nearly 24/7. And I’m still sure there will be some stuff that falls through the cracks.

I have found time for my running, despite our perpetual to do list! Oh how I’d missed running outside in the beautiful Australian country! Everything about it makes me happy, the spicy smell in the air, the cockatoo’s screaming in the trees, the butterflies that seem to be everywhere. And I love listening to my podcasts. My favourite of the moment is the Rich Roll podcast. Check it out if you’re so inclined. He’s the author of Finding Ultra and even though he’s known for being a vegan athlete, his guests are not all vegan and they’re not all athletes. He tends to interview a good range of people and they really get my brain churning while Im out running. Its like, my time to feed my brain and my soul.

more on this later…


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