Hey y’all! Coco’s in Istanbul today. It’s a gloriously overcast and cool day that hints of Autumn. I love it! Nuts and I are at our usual cafe enjoying some internet time and Turkish coffee (Turkish tea for me. I had given up coffee for a while.. More on that later). We have two more months of this fabulous contract so we’re soaking it all in! Though I usually go to the shopping street here in Istanbul, there’s actually a lot of cruise ships in today. You know what that means – heaps of tourists shopping and snapping pictures. So I decided to enjoy this day away from the crowds with my main man.

What have we been up to?








1. Angela over at posted a guest post from yours truly! I was just a little bit excited =)

2. I’m running almost everyday now and it feels so good. Maybe the break was necessary so I could really fall in love with it again. Time flies by even when I’m on the treadmill and for the first time in my running life my legs don’t feel like lead before and after. They actually feel lighter and stretchier! I am an epic ‘ly slow runner (some would say I’m more of a light jogger). I’m gearing up so I can increase my running time once we get back to beautiful Australia. I want to aim for more serious mileage then – like averaging 10 miles a day as opposed to the 3-5 I’m doing now. It’s something to aim for, I really enjoy having a goal.

3. I got a consultation with Ellen Fisher of She’s a raw vegan, 801010, went through a successful pregnancy and nursed her child all eating a low fat, high carbohydrate, raw vegan diet. Now, I’ve been fiddling with low fat and high carb vegan. But my weight has been unstable as has been my skin. And with my ED past I really struggle with always going on diets. I’m constantly uncomfortable in my own skin and despite constantly being on some sort of restrictive diet with lots of exercise my weight goes up and down unpredictable (or that’s how it seems to me). I’ve been reading about this lifestyle and ideology for a few years and have slowly moved in that direction, with pleasure. But I need help and so I got it. I don’t plan on being a raw vegan fruitarian. But I am eating and making food choices, with Ellen’s advice, that are high carb low fat vegan, of an 801010 ratio, and 80%raw foods. And I’ve had very positive results in the past month including weight dropping off of me despite not restricting my calories for the first time ever, energy, decreased soreness and pain after shows and workouts and less stress about food in general. I don’t crave cheat days – I’m literally eating sugar all day every day in the form of fresh fruit, dried fruit and more dates then should be legal. The hardest part was cutting out all coffee and soymilk as I was hanging onto my soy lattes. But I cut them out completely for three weeks with great results. Now I just decided I can have them on occasion when I really want them. Which turns out to be about once a week and I see nothing wrong with that. Also I told Ellen I didn’t want to be raw vegan as I enjoy eating and cooking cooked foods, so I’m pretty much raw all day until my first cooked meal – usually dinner but every once in a while lunch. That meal is salads with cooked vegetables, potatoes, rice, sometimes pasta or even bread. She said I don’t have to be all raw! I feel so good and I can’t wait to see how I feel In a few more months. It may sound limiting but it feels so freeing to me. I’ll keep you updated as the days go on.







4. My hair is finally getting into a slightly less awkward stage..








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