The Good Life

IMG_3344Well, today Fat Coco finds herself sitting in a cafe in Piraeus, Greece, sipping on an Americano and soaking up free wifi 🙂 I know, I’m so glamorous. I adore my life, but  I did get my onboard bill for the last month, yesterday. I spent over $100 on internet since I got on the ship May 4, and clearly it wasn’t spent blogging! Free Wifi (which isn’t really free but it can be had for the cost of a latte!) is one of the things crew members on a ship pine for.


I am having a blast. I do want to find a way to put up some aerial footage for Milf Runner but until I can get it together, if you’re curious I have an aerial reel on my website at  It’s slightly dated as I haven’t added anything from my current contract but it gives you an idea.

It’s surreal to be in Europe. I don’t know what I was expecting but, for instance, standing in front of the Grand Canal in Venice and ordering “due cappuccino per favore” from a cafe window feels normal, and familiar.  I’m loving the little bits of Italy I’ve seen and I’m really looking forward to our crew trip to Rome, which is in 12 days.  I feel like traveling the way I’m doing it is the best of both worlds. I get to be slightly touristy but mostly I’m living like a local.

I have to return to my Rossetta Stone Italian practice as the more I hear Italian spoken the more beautiful it sounds to my ears.  Also, everyone recognises my last name!  There is a famous writer that I’m a distant descendant of – the Shakespeare of Italy and everyone Italian knows this. There is a square in every city dedicated Giacomo Leopardi.  I feel that lends a certain obligation to know Italian. I want to read his works, and when people recognise my name I want to be able to speak to them in Italian. Plus, everything sounds so much more sensual in Italian 😉




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