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I finally made it off the ship! This week, while I’ve been catching up on sleep and not going as hard as the kids have (I swear they can dance till dawn and still make it up by 9am to catch a taxi to the beach! not I…), I still managed to get off briefly in a few ports.

First in Livorno, Italy we meandered around the town for a bit. There’s some great shopping that makes me remember how I saved so little money in Singapore. The shops I loved there are here as well – Stradivarius, Bershka as well as H&M and Zara and plenty of street shopping. I resisted though and instead got to peruse a huge Italian book store that had a wine bar restaurant on the upper floor. But it was an open floor plan so the restaurant looked down over the sea of books – perfection in my mind. While we didn’t eat we took our time looking at all the literature. and of course I practiced my little bit of Italian, “Dove il banjo per favore?”
Sweaty and having perused the small town we found a little cafe and tucked into some white wine (for me) and latte and donuts (Nuts). A perfect introduction to Europe for me…

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