After a long hiatus, FatCoco is back! here’s a quick update to get you up to speed:

1. I have not given up in growing my hair out and it is now in an awkward mullet stage – yay! The great news is I can fit it up in two mini pony tails which allows me to wear a fake ponytail for shows. Double yay. The mullet will stay for a while 🙂

2. We have finished a gruelling rehearsal period for 3 shows and several small “bumpers” (mini shows that are 3-10 minutes long). It started in Tampa and we’re now on a ship. We opened our first show yesterday after a few 12 hour days and a heap of hairspray. Two more shows and 3 bumpers left to open and I’ll get to see sunlight again!

3. Running has been put on hold for a while but will be back with a vengeance soon.  I’m determined to run in every port – and we stop in 10 ports per 12 day cruise! I’ve never seen Europe and I plan to let my joggers be my tour guide.

4. Enjoying being vegan, even on the ship. It is what resonates with me and I am happy and have had an abundance of energy despite a pretty tough schedule. I’m am eating high carb, low fat (sort of), high percentage raw vegan. It seems like it would be difficult on a ship but its really not! I have access to fresh fruit all the time and a pretty nice salad bar. Plus there is AWAYS some sort of rice and/or potato and plain pasta. I’m eating like a queen. and I haven’t even tried the pasta in Italy yet.

5. I’m so incredibly happy. I’m here with Dan, doing what I love and I’m excited for every day.

more later….and I promise pictures


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