New Shoes

Remember how I told you that my NB/Vibram’s may have been hurting my feet? Well, Nuts has been trying to convince me to get new shoes. I didn’t want to since we’re living in constant transit again – spending money on new shoes when I’m going to be mostly treadmill running in 3 weeks didn’t sound that important to me.

However, enter Dad. I’m visiting my Dad for a few days before heading off to Vegas and then to start my contract. It’s his birthday and I had all manner of fun planned. But his first order of business yesterday was to find new running shoes for me. Yes, I’m a little spoiled. And at Nuts request I also got new socks (apparently only having hole-y, ragged socks is not his idea of sexy).   After trying on a few pairs and asking for help at Dick’s Sporting Goods (so many reasons I like this store…he he he) I landed on the Brooks Raveena 5 and then broke them in on an easy 60 minute jog last night. HOLY SHIT. It was like running on clouds. Thank you Dad, you have saved my precious feet. Never again (at least for like a year or so) will I put off getting good running shoes.  The biggest difference I noticed right away is that I have been having a lot of pain in the bones of my feet –  not my joints, just my feet. They been aching and feeling bruised. Not today – they feel awesome!

Also because I have wide, short foot, they only came in one colour for the wide width – and it was perfect. Gray and pink.  Done and Done.

I’ve moved on from listening to podcasts to listening to Audibles again. I downloaded Tana French’s “Faithful Place” and I love listening to it while jogging. I had read her “In the Dark Wood” back when I lived in Singapore and highly recommend it. I tend to really like Irish authors.  “Faithful Place” is really keeping me interested so far.

Okay, I’m off to celebrate Birthday terrificness. Jet lag had me wake up at 4am after passing out hard 4 hours earlier so I’ve already done yoga, made breakfast for Dad, had 2 cups of coffee, showered, done my make up twice and wondered about 6 times why I didn’t take melatonin last night…….

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