The Daily 3/1/2014

Holy shit, it’s already March! How did that happen?

As I’m sure you realised “The Daily” doesn’t mean I’ll post daily lol! But I had such lofty ideas about this site and then I came to understand that if I make it less formal and allow myself a short “daily” post, I’m more likely to keep up with it.  That’s the goal anyway.

I’m winding down my time in Australia and started packing today. I hate packing, but I love my life so it’s worth it.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but it’s with all the stuff I want so it’s good overwhelmed. Whereas at other points in my life I was impatient and unhappy, so I really appreciate this time. 2014 has begun with an explosion of awesome and the rest of the year will be unfolding similarly.

So what have I been doing? Sightseeing in Australia – I went on several day trips out and about and we spent a weekend in the Grampians. Nuts’s Grandnan turned 100 and she lives there so there was some partying to be done. Plus there’s heaps of hiking in that area and we saw kangaroos close up and billy goats grazing on the mountain side! I’ve also been cooking up a storm – more gluten free vegan lasagne, a failed attempt at using soy beans as a meat replacement in bolognese sauce (I usually use lentils, but these soy beans felt like peanuts in red sauce. odd.), several soups and sweet potatoes six million different ways.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts. I know I’m about to give up cooking for nearly 9 months. I’ve also been taking dance classes in the city and enjoying soy lattes and veggie rolls at Melbourne cafes. One of the things I like best about this city is that every where I go I can get soy lattes that don’t taste burnt and a brown rice vegetarian sushi roll no matter what – train stations, cafes, restaurants, back alleys. It’s awesome!  I’ve also been catching up with friends from when I lived in Singapore and a surprise visit with a friend I hadn’t seen in 5 years from LA!

As for chocolate there have been 2 big discoveries – there is a place in St. Kilda (and I think it’s a chain so it’s probably everywhere) called Crave that is self serve fro yo. But they have a dairy free, gelatine free, vegan, dark chocolate flavour that tastes like heaven. Honestly, it’s so rich, I was SHOCKED.  I bought a small trying to be dietarily virtuous (my small was still bigger then the two friends I went with. But I like a vat of chocolate, so a cup or two seems virtuous 🙂  and it took all my willpower not to go back and shower in it. The second discovery happened tonight.  I put two tbsp’s (ish) of cacao powder in a bowl and squeezed some stevia in it.  Then I drizzled water in it while whipping it with a fork until it looked like fondue. I chopped up two bananas in it and mixed it up. TO DIE FOR! So I made another batch with 3 bananas and I’m not even sorry. I literally licked the bowl clean. I thought it was going to be a “make do” for my chocolate craving but no, it’s a stand alone. I WILL be bringing a bag of cacao powder with me in my carry on now.

As for running, I have been having a blast. But I haven’t been pushing my speed, that will be the next frontier. Right now I’m happily plodding along for an hour (sometimes I only run 30-45 minutes but generally I do 60min) while I listen to the Rich Roll podcast, then I walk home – usually another 20-60minutes. I didn’t use to walk after my runs, but my legs get extremely tight and painful from running and I find if I walk for a bit after, the tightness is reduced. Tomorrow I’m doing the Color Run with Nuts and his friends from Uni and I couldn’t be more excited (though I do prefer night runs – I usually only see 6:30 in the morning after shows and several vodka soda’s).

Then, I leave for another long adventure – to see my family in Ohio for a few days, friends and my sister in Vegas, rehearsals in Florida, and the ship in Italy. All the while I’m planning the wedding. That’s right folks, it’s really happening 🙂 YEE!  There will be chocolate! PS. DON’T LET ME CUT MY HAIR. I want to, it’s getting shaggy, I’ll have a she mullet soon. but if I don’t get past that stage I’ll never grow it out. Believe me. I’ve grown my hair just past my chin twice now and then chopped it. I MUST GROW IT. I can always hack it once it gets boob length.  Help me, please…

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