The Daily 2/7/2014

Well, whady’a know, I did run last night! Even with no sleep and a full day, I just thought “I’ll head out and try an easy jog” and BOOM, I ran a faster pace then usual for a whole hour. Well, 45 minutes, then I stopped to be sensible and walk home, stretching my legs. However, in a split second it got pitch black dark. I panicked a little (my night vision sucks, and all I could think was AUSTRALIA HAS SNAKES!!!) and ran the rest of the way home.  Funny thing though, as I was running and holding my iPhone (I was listening to some wicked electric violin music. I highly suggest it) a car that turned a corner with it’s brights on scared the shit out of me and I nearly dropped the phone, catching it and accidentally turning the flashlight on – I didn’t know it HAD a flashlight function.  It was so bright, just like a headlamp and I pranced home, fear abated. Fun fact, i then had to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to turn the flashlight off, and ended up just googling it. Technology – meh! I could’ve probably just asked a kindergartener.

It felt great – my legs were looser then ever, my pace was faster and yet somehow easier. And every day, I run to this hill and by the time I get there my legs are leaden, so I let myself walk most of the way up the hill, stretching them out before I pick up running again. But yesterday I bounded up that hill like a deer, a smile on my face.

Perhaps, I’m not a sucky runner, but I’m building consistent mileage for the first time. Which means sometimes after 4 days of running in a row, my legs rebel. But they’ll come back and it’ll keep getting better.

I was actually feeling so good, I started my day with a run/walk hour long interval treadmill workout (there was probably a less long winded way to say that) at the crack of dawn for me aka 7:30am. I had another great day ahead of me – going into the city with MIL, broadway dance class, meeting up with friends for sushi downtown- and I realise my days are always just a bit better when I’ve had a good run first. This morning wasn’t really a run, my legs were tired and my brain was too so I walked 10 minutes, jogged, 10 minutes, then I jogged 2 minutes walked 3, then finished the last 20 minutes with just brisk walking (total 60 minutes). Not a brilliant workout but I sweat and I was entertained 🙂 Winning.

IMG_2529 My new shorts. I NEVER buy shorts, because I hate them, but I’ve been too hot and stealing Nuts’ shorts to run in so I figured I could splurge. These were $6 at Big W. I’m classy.

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