Gel Mani – Salon Style

I’m not a nails girl. I don’t get mani/pedis except when I’m with my best friend who is 10x’s the lady I am. My feet are ticklish, they always try to remove my callouses even when I protest that no one will believe I’m a dancer if I don’t have ugly feet. My nail polish seems to last precisely 20 minutes before I chip it. I’m a hazard.

My MIL took me to a salon one day a few weeks ago to look at manicures. She too, has a hard time keeping polish on for longer then an episode of  Grey’s Anatomy. She was telling me how great the gel manicures are, but after seeing the price ($40), she was appalled. So was I, do you know how much chocolate I can get for $40?

She researched DIY , but you need a special UV light to cure the gel. She bought a UV light and gel nail kit off of Amazon! it was $80 and came with 6 colours she got to choose and all the shit you need + instructions. Hand to Ganesh, I thought she totally got swindled.

She did her nails a week ago, did dishes, swims regularly and works in a classroom and she has nary a chip!

Ever the unbeliever (and too lazy to do the painting of my nails usually) I finally gave it a go last night. Holy. It works. My nails so far have lasted a record breaking 24 hours with not a scratch and that in and of itself is enough to go find the seller and kiss them.  I’ll keep you posted as to whether it lasts 2 weeks, but even one week makes it worth it to me. No I’m not getting paid to write a review, I can’t remember what the company’s name was. It sounded shady, but I’m loving it!


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