The Daily 2/6/2014

ERG! I wanted to run like a wild pony yesterday. I got on the treadmill…. and flopped.  I  walked 3 minutes to warm up, ran for 10 minutes and my legs were shot. So I walked 10, jogged 10, then just fast walked (with a few 3 minute jogging spurts) until I hit 10k.  I felt like a bit of a loser, but even the fast walking was hard.  How can it be that hard for me, an at least averagely fit person to, to run every day? I know, it takes time to build mileage back up after an injury and I wasn’t an amazing runner before I broke my ankle. I was a solid 4 days a week 3-5 slow miles, jogger with a few races thrown in. But am I just crap or am I not pushing myself hard enough?

IMG_2194I chalked it up to the fact that I’d actually run 4 days in a row and so yesterday was a much needed break and I still did cardio miles, just not running.

This morning I had set my alarm so I could run early as we had a full day planned with our Uncle. I set the alarm for 7:15am to do a 1 hr slow jog on the tready.  If you know me, 7:15 in performer hours is actually 3am. But really runners get up early to get shit done.  I got in bed around 2am – not a fabulous start but whatever. I tossed and turned and got out of bed to pee and had “shaky leg syndrome” (do you ever get that when you’re trying to sleep) and tossed and turned again and then started to get hungry and BOOM it was 5:45am. NO SLEEP.  I don’t usually eat breakfast in the morning because, I’m simply not usually out of bed until after 10:00am. But I was never going to get to sleep so I poured the biggest bowl of rolled oats and soy milk (yeah, slim picking that early in the morning) and got in bed at 6:30. To toss and turn some more. great, whats the point of even trying to sleep. I reset my alarm for 9am thinking I could at least get a few hours before heading off with the family.  No, I got 1 hour. and then I woke myself up having a bad dream. Then I got 45 more minutes and had to wake up to get ready. No run, no bueno. But I had great time out and about! I’m home now and thinking I might run after my dinner digests but I might just call this my rest day and try to kill it tomorrow. We shall see!

IMG_2453 I just love this pic even though it has nothing to do with running. This is my sis and me jumping for joy last November.

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