Ok, so I’ve got a few confessions to make:

I love running blogs. I love them so much – when I read them, I think I am runner. But when I go to blog about running, I realise, I’m just an amateur. I don’t have a garmin, my pace is so slow, grandma passes me, I don’t know where my compression tights are and I’ve never done speed work. I love to run. This is usually how it goes down when I’m on land (this is the same in Australia, US, China, Japan, Singapore…) – 3-5 days a week I put on my iPod, my lulu lemons, my running shoes and a sunglasses. I decide on a time goal between 30 minutes to 75 minutes. I have to do a 60 minute run at least once a week but I aim for 2-3 times. I start jogging at my slow pace, whilst listening to podcasts, audibles, or Ellie Goulding. At 30-40 minutes I want to stop EVERYTIME. If I’ve done at least one other 60 minute run that week, I’ll usually stop at 45-55 minutes. If I’m dying and need to pee, I’ll stop at 30 minutes, walk to the nearest grocer, pee and buy a water. If I find I’ve gotten to 55 minutes, I’ll push to 65 and see how I feel. After my run, I walk home which is 30-60 minutes depending on my route. Now, it’s not too shabby. But I’d like to up my game and actually be a runner. When I’m at sea I do the same thing but on a treadmill (except for that unfortunate 5 months where I broke my ankle and was told I couldn’t run. Then I did elliptical. BOOOORING).

I’ve done races and I loved them! I’ve done a handful of 10k’s (my favourite distance) and one half marathon (I sucked at it but finished. I’d really like to do another one) But I haven’t had the ability to do any since the Thanksgiving 10k 2012 in Ohio. I will however be doing a 5k Color Run right before I leave Australia in March! I can’t wait 🙂

This is not my only/first blog. I’ve actually been a blogger since 2005 at the request of an exboyfriend. I didn’t really want to and thought it was quite nerdy but I gave it a shot. I started a blog with a less than witty haiku as my first post and then just started rambling on it like a sort of journal. And then people commented and I continued writing for 5 years, even after we broke up. When I moved to Singapore I started a new one, I wanted a fresh start. It evolved quickly into a fitness blog with a lot of diet evolutions and travel. And the beginnings of a relationship with my now fiancé. I sometimes still blog at that one.

Even though Fatcoco is a new blog – I’ve changed a bit. Which is bound to happen.  I started Fatcoco for 2 reasons ONLY – the name came to me while I was running and I LOVED it and had to buy the domain immediately. All I could think about was how much I loved this name. I WANTED to be writing on Fatcoco and there’s so much more I want to do… the second reason and the reason I was thinking of names was because of a lifestyle change that was uncomfortable for me. Let me explain.

My other blog was primarily about me navigating my way through diet and exercise with an eating disorder past and a body-centric career. My ups and downs, my trials and tribulations, my revelations. But I’d been struggling for a long time.  I’ve been mostly vegan since I was 24 and on and off vegetarian before that. And I’ve had IBS and digestive issues for a long time as well as a suffering immune system (though ask me to heal bone and ligaments and I’m a wolverine. I’ve worked my way through 7 skull fractures, a broken ankle, chipped elbow, torn hamstrings, damaged rotator cuff and torn ligaments without taking off work. boom) Twice in the past 2 years with the encouragement of my omnivorous “Nuts” I have tried going on a ketogenic diet for health reasons. Both times, immediately I lost a few pounds, IBS went away. Sounds great right? and remember this is not a diet/fitness/nutrition blog and I’m not a professional. It was great but I have a hard time eating meat and animal products…erm…spiritually. I don’t feel comfortable. So, after my first attempt at a ketogenic diet, I just quit and tried a million different “Eating plans” and gained 10lbs. Which I kept a full year. Until this ketogenic experiment.  But even though I lost some weight and stopped being bloated and generally felt really healthy, I was really struggling to love my life and the way I was eating and living. Fatcoco was bourne as my way to write about, explore and enjoy a high fat low carb lifestyle. I thought it could be a great outlet to explore ways to love what I was eating and how I was living.

AAAaaand then I just couldn’t eat another bite. So I stopped again. I guess feeling comfortable as a mostly vegan is more important to me then never being bloated or constipated. And perhaps I’ve truly kicked that eating disorder to curb since I’m willing to gain weight simply because I don’t want to eat animals. Clearly I’m not here to preach veganism – hello, I lived on beef patties and cheddar a few weeks ago in the name of health and finding what works for me! It’s just that I’ve come to find out that living vegan for me is actually important. It is who I am.

IMG_2370So Fatcoco is not high fat low carb. It’s me and I run and love chocolate, eat vegan, travel for a living and love to cook. So Fatcoco is not really different, per say, it’s just that I realised I want to write about running more and it’s important to me that I’m vegan, even it doesn’t drastically change this blog. Oh and I’m planning a wedding. And I want to have babies some day. And apparently long hair. And Nuts wants a Boston Terrier. And I love wine .I can’t stop thinking about things I love….


Anything you want to confess to me? Please?

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