Easy Brownies

I made these yesterday!  Still practicing for that café I’ll own one day 🙂 I made two batches and as usual, they both had some personalising done to them, Fatcoco style.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Italian or just a “creative type” but I can’t follow a recipe spot on. I balk at using measuring cups (I like to eyeball and feel out how the dough turns out) and I like to toss things in that I think might work.

The first time I tried to make a lasagne for a boyfriend I bought all the ingredients, got home and realised I didn’t really know how to make one, I needed a recipe at least as a guideline.

I didn’t get any complaints from the fellas on these brownies (except Dan said they were too chocolatey, but I register that as a compliment really)

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