Yeah, Im still cooking and I have 2 weeks worth of posts to write up – all the places we’ve been and things I’ve cooked and ordered and drunk. But Coco needs help.

I’m not a girly girl, though I want to be pretty and I MUST wear heels with everything. I hate wearing flats except when I’m jogging. But I’ve never been a hair girl. I don’t do my hair. I want it to look good naturally, or with very little effort. When I’ve put effort in, it looks generally like a kindergartener did it.

32470_402683852343_3811493_n This is me trying to be Ju-on (the girl from The Ring) in Japan. Probably the last time my hair was this long. I think this was 2006?




When I was growing up my Father insisted his girls had long hair. And bangs.  He cut mine and my sisters hair until I was 13, had my own money (I babysat like a fiend) and decided I needed Jennifer Aniston’s layered look.  I took my hard won cash to Fantastic Sams and came back, fighting tears, sure I looked like a boy. A fat faced boy. Ever since then it’s pretty much been an up/down tennis match on my head. I’ll grow it out almost shoulder length and hack it off to pixie cut.  Then grow it out to boob length and cut it with kitchen scissors when I broke up with a boyfriend. Grow it because the next boyfriend thought I looked chubby with short hair and hack it off when we broke up and I decided maybe my chubby face was a-ok with boy short hair. And that’s when I met Dan, because he liked my short hair.  So I stuck with short hair because I always look like I have a style, even when I just roll out of bed. I LOVE having short hair.  I save on hair product and people think I look badass without me spending 2 hours with a curling iron.

For the past 2 years I’ve decided to grow my hair out but then I cut it off as soon as it got to chin-length bob.  I get really frustrated with it when it’s too long to be okay without styling it but too short to put up in a ponytail or even a half pony tail.  I hate feeling it on the pillow next to me and I hate looking like a soccer mom (there’s nothing wrong with soccer moms, it’s just not my thang).  I got it cut as soon as I got off the ship December 8th because I could (funny enough at a Fantastic Sams, lol, I’m cheap too and it was in walking distance when I had a 30+ hour layover in LA.) However, now that I’ve landed my pixie cut that I adore, I’ve decided that there’s a job I want to audition for in the next few years, that requires me to at least have shoulder length hair. Great. Now I have a while to do it, but it means my next year or so is going to be all awkward stage of regrowth.  EEEEK! I need your help. Give me your tips for fast growing hair, how to make it look good, how not to look frumpy when I start getting the inevitable post pixie cut she-mullet.






To get myself started, after much research on the internet, I ordered 3 crucial things to help my plight:

1. Mane and Tail shampoo – someone wrote that their hair grew 4 inches in the first month  of using this. I highly doubt mine will do the same. But an inch would help. Or just a little faster then my molasses slow rate (oh yeah, that’s the other thing, my hair grows super slowly)

2. Biotin- Some people call shenanigans on the claim that taking Biotin supplements really helps your hair grow faster. However, it’s relatively cheap, and its worth a shot. There is no controversy over the fact that it aids hair health and strength. That’s cool

3. Um, I bought I full lace, 18inch, human hair wig. Yeah, it was  a 4am-insomnia-impulse buy. For sure. It was more expensive and less convenient to use then is actually helpful. HOWEVER. I can’t wait to wear it! (I didn’t get a wig cap and glue because – 4am/sleep deprivation- so I haven’t worn it yet. because it’s full lace (yeah I watched youtube videos and read all kinds of how to’s online) I can wear it in a pony tail, bun, half pony, all down – however I want because there’s a “scalp” and a “natural” hair line.  I can curl it, straighten it, braid it and I must wash it. It’s real hair. It says I can glue it on and wear it for 6 weeks – shower, swim, workout it in- but I won’t be doing that. yet. I just want to have it for shows when my short/awkward hair is being weird (I wear wigs and falls all the time for shows. I’m just usually not the one supplying them). and for days I hate my hair and have the time to mess with it.  First time I wear it, I swear I’ll post pictures. Mostly so you can tell me if I look bad. I need that.

IMG_1982My hair before I cut it on Dec 9




IMG_1989My hair after I cut it on Dec 9





Photo on 29-1-14 at 6.47 pm Photo on 29-1-14 at 6.51 pmMy hair today Jan 29 2014 (and also, the bags under my eyes)




Various long haired awkward stages…

Various short haired cuts..

All advice, tips, cautionary tales appreciated….

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