IMG_2321is my favourite food in the whole world (this week). I finished this particular jar in 3 days. 3 DAYS. Obsession level : 11.




Other obsessions of the week:

1. running whilst listening to audiobooks. I can’t get enough. Right now I’m listening to Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg at the recommendation of my best friend

IMG_23782.  Lemon Lime and Bitters – how have I never tried this before? I got to spend Australia Day at a real Aussie bbq! and after a really refreshing Castaway Cider (I happen to love ciders and this one is particularly light. Not too sweet, not too bubbly, just right) I was made a lemon lime and bitters- actually it was lemon, bitters and soda water.  It was non-alcoholic and refreshing. I couldn’t help thinking it’d be just as good with a splash of vodka 😉 Plus I had been reading online about stomach problems and had been planning on following some web advice and get Angostura Bitters as they encourage your stomach to produce more digestive enzymes.  I definitely think this will go into the permanent rotation!

3. Body Balance. Okay, I’m not a gym class junkie – I avoid working out with people in general. But My MIL has taken me to 2 Body Balance classes at her gym this week and I really enjoyed them. It’s like a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates to music. It’s fun and something different

Photo on 24-1-14 at 9.59 pm4. boyfriend jeans. Ok, here’s the story, I’ve always wanted them, but because of my figure (I’m quite muscle-y in the thighs with a juicy caboose) and my height impairment I often avoid baggier loose fitting clothes. Those drapey frocks that models wear and delicious harem pants look like maternity clothes on my swimmer shoulders and squat ass. however I’ve been dying to find a pair of boyfriend jeans that don’t make me look dumpy.  Surprisingly, Target in Sunbury delivered. I specifically scheduled an hour long run to end at Target so I could buy these. Obsessed.

Are you currently obsessed with anything? Let me know so I can perhaps join you in your obsession…

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