Cooking up a Storm

Sooooo in my upcoming posts and a few previous, you’re going to see recipes and creations. Don’t panic and think this is a cooking website. 9 months out of the year I live out of a mini fridge with only a hidden water boiler (if I can sneak it past security) for tea and oatmeal. It’s during those months restaurants and coffee shops and running trails and adventures will fill these pages. For 3 months out of the year I live at different peoples houses and they let me cook if I’m lucky. And I get it all out of my system.  My in-laws are amazing and just open up their kitchen for me to go crazy.  My father buys new cookbooks every time I go home (I’ll write a post about the 7 pound apple pie slab one day) and we experiment with different diet restrictions and traditional revamps (noodle-less lasagne was made for my Italian father). My best friends parents spoil me and take me out to dinner every night OR they cook for me (or she cooks for me).  Or we live on coffee and froyo and sushi when left to our own devices. Last time I visited my sister not only did we hit the town in Vegas trying mexican food, 24 hour diners, and – my favourite- a vegan restaurant with the best cookies ever, but she also had a dinner party where she cooked for a solid 3 hours. She made bacon wrapped dates, meatballs, bruschetta and other things I can’t even remember (there may have been a few glasses of wine and a punishing whiskey shot). Deprived I’m not.

So bear with me as I post my culinary endeavours for the next few weeks. Then I’ll be traveling again and this space will be filled with (hopefully)  wine, pasta, salads, pastries, curry’s, and adventures of all sorts.

On that note – I feel obligated to make this…. someone has to right?? I’d baste it in coconut cream instead of yogurt, but come on.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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