Bender #2

I decided I needed to make more dinner foods for the MIL. Dinners that have no meat, eggs, dairy  (except natural yogurt is allowed) or wheat, with no packaged sauces, sugar or salt… GO! I like me a challenge!

For your pleasure, I give you roasted vegetable lasagna with a lentil bolognese sauce and a bean/avocado/nutritional yeast cheese layer. Yes that last bit was questionable but I was getting creative.

This is the best part of being on vacation in someone else’s house. When left to my own care and feeding and/or while living on a ship, there’s no roasting of every layer of a lasagna or mashing, mixing, sautéing.  It’s either unwrap package, peel banana or pour in a mug. I realise I’m in a luxurious position right now. Muahahahahhaha!!!!

So just to enjoy it a little more, I made little truffles! Say hello to unmeasured amounts of cacao, chia seeds, mashed banana and prunes, shredded coconut, cinnamon, vanilla extract, stevia and rolled oats that I pulsed first with a bar mix to give them more of a flour like texture! mashed into ball shape and put in the refrigerator (not baked)

IMG_2320 oops, no picture of the finished product…

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