I’ve taken this challenge seriously and today spent the day cooking/baking/prepping/roasting:

1. a huge tupperware of salad  (don’t laugh, this takes time! chopping, washing, peeling oh my!)






2. roasted 2 sweet potatoes, 1 white potato, 1 whole butternut squash (in Australia they just call it a pumpkin!)






3. roasted hokki fillets brushed with a ginger, garlic, coconut oil mixture (I don’t like fish unless its in sushi form, so I didn’t sample, therefore I cannot say if it turned out well or not but MIL liked it)






4. made homemade stirfry marinade

5. steamed brown rice and cooked the red beans I’d soaked overnight

6. made butternut squash and leek soup from the squash I’d roasted earlier

IMG_2292 IMG_2291





7. made oatmeal cookies without a recipe, sugar, flour, oil or measuring cups!






and I still managed to construct a dinner for the boys from the burgers I’d made last night and squeeze and hour long job. Something tells me I’m going to crash hard tonight.






I love cooking and I have a huge appreciation for chefs, stay at home moms and dads and working parents who make their families meals. The simplest meal takes preparation and chopping is a good arm workout! It reminded me how creative one could be if this was their job and how cooking can really be an art form -one I enjoy practicing from time to time 🙂

Here’s my sort of recipe for easy cookies/breakfast pellets

2 bananas

handful of prunes

couple teaspoons chia seeds / couple teaspoons flax meal


shredded coconut

vanilla flavor/essence/extract

few squirts of stevia

couple shakes of cinnamon

1. mash the bananas and prunes with a potato masher

2. add vanilla and cinnamon and stevia

3. pour in oats, just as much as you think would keep balls together

4. add the rest of ingredients and anything else you want (nuts, seeds, raisins, cereal, peanut butter, chocolate chips)

5. use your hands to press into ball shapes and put on a parchment lined baking sheet

6. I fan baked it on 160 celsius for only  like 8 minutes. That’s just what I had the oven on for already.

They turned out great! they fall apart easily but they’re plenty sweet. It’ probably be better if you pulsed the oats into a like an oat flour consistency but I heard no complaints!

PS. do yourself a favour if you’re like me and allergic to all nuts. get Pepita butter! bought it today – dipped carrots and celery in it at lunch and mixed it with yogurt for an after dinner snack. Amazing! so rich and it’s the first that really feels like peanut butter. You’re going to pay a pretty penny for a small jar – but in my mind WORTH IT! Now I want to mix it with chocolate chips and take a bath in it…


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