Wednesday was amazing!! And I was going to write all about our fun times at the Australian Open that day.







And then I had to pack a bag and get ready for a fire evacuation so that went out the window! Beautiful Sunbury, place of my kangaroo sightings and home of people I love was flaming (still is over 12 hours later as I hear sirens and our bags are still packed). We didn’t end up leaving but we spent the day watching the fire men (they call it The Fire Brigade here in Oz!) work on controlling the flames, and watching the news and watching the house and doing perimeter walks and trying to stay calm and cool. One of the many fires in the area was only a few feet away from the house.

Eventually everything turned black and temperatures dropped but the brigade has been by several times to douse a smoking area and I believe just came back 30 minutes ago for another round of dousing.

Somehow amidst all that my MIL and I decided that for the next month I’d be her personal chef!!! I don’t go back to work for a few months and we are going to see a naturopath tomorrow. We decided to both do this tea drinking/eating plan thing together (I’m always up to try something new!) and I offered to do the food prep!IMG_1263

She’ll be going back to work soon so I have 2 weeks to get in the swing of prepping 3 meals and ready to go snacks. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of excited. I got some of my prep work done tonight along with cooking some burgers for the boys to have on hand too!  So for the next month I get to use all my kitchen creativity and store it up since I’ll be going long lengths of time without so much as a hot pot soon!!! Wish me luck. Do you wanna see some of my creations?

IMG_1261 Not a creation, just some of my chopping skills…

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