Victoria Markets, Melbourne Australia

I’m not the only American visiting this weekend in the Dan house! In the spirit of tourism, we headed down to Victoria Markets in Melbourne Sunday morning. A historical marketplace, Queen Victoria Market (or “Vic Market” or “Queen Vic” as it’s called by locals) has evolved into a tourist must see. It’s 2 blocks of what I would call a “swap meet” – stalls of goods including clothes, wigs, shoes, food, tea, books and souvenirs to mention a few. On the outside of the actual market place there’s also a few coffee/espresso stalls and a delicious smelling waffle stall that I had to walk by a few times just for sniffing purposes. If you want to read more about it here’s a link to the official website.

I was just hanging with the boys and expecting to browse but I ended up buy a few things anyway, including, to my own horror a boomerang – but come on, I’m an American. That shits just cool.

Later I got to attend a free guided meditation session and then meet up with the men for a fabulous dinner at DiMattina’s in Carlton. I had been craving a greek salad and I got just that. The Shiraz went down really nicely.  I should have taken not of what kind of Shiraz, but alas, it was ordered and consumed before the thought crossed my mind.

All in all a perfect Sunday.

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