DIY Snack :)

So, sometimes, whilst visiting Australia, I have two problems.

1. I’m allergic to all nuts – which sucks because I wasn’t born with this allergy. I evolved this allergy, some might say exacerbated it, but consuming copious amounts of salted almonds, pistachios, walnuts and the like as well troughs of trail mix and peanut butter out the TUB with a spoon (I don’t like to buy less of a tub of something I like at a time). However now simply having a pecan show up in a salad and avoiding it has my throat break out in a rash and makes swallowing and breathing extremely precarious. So no more snacking on salty nuts 😉 But I substitute now with sunflower seeds and pepitas (roasted, salted pumpkin seeds)

2. In Australia sunflower and pumpkin seeds are only sold raw or in shell and salted.

Being hungry and determined and in love with salt, whilst in Australia I have been “roasting” my own sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Its super easy and I store my “nuts” in a tupperware.  I don’t know how long they’d keep as I eat them within 3 days – no shit, they never last more then 3 days around me. Being quite limited in what foods don’t try to kill me I tend to eat a lots of whatever I CAN eat. I also tend to only make things when I’m craving them and/or really hungry so they don’t last long. Just to be safe I’d sniff test these bad boys if you store them longer then a few days and perhaps put them in the refrigerator for good measure.

“Roasted Nuts”

1. place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and spray with pam. Put oven on “fan bake” on 16o C / 320F

2. pour your seeds onto the oiled sheet and spread out so it’s only one layer of seeds

3. spray pam on seeds and sprinkle with sea salt

4. put the tray in the oven and don’t take them out until they look a little browned and crispy (or a lot browned if you’re into that, sometimes I am)

Optional, when I pull them out of the oven I sprinkle with more salt or sometimes with cinnamon (it’s really good!), and then not optional, let them cool a bit before eating them. They will burn your mouth!

Hmmm, now that I’m thinking about it, chill powder would be good too, or curry powder, rosemary and sea salt…crap I can’t stop thinking of flavours I want.

IMG_2226 IMG_2225

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